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Museum garden

Although the museum’s garden is not very big, it stands out among other botanical gardens. When it was laid out between 1960 and 1970, the garden was already defined as a Tertiary “reference garden”. 

This was inspired by several plant fossil finds that could be attributed to the subtropical forest vegetation of the Tertiary period, about 45 million years ago. Examples of these species, which are native to only Asia and North America today, can be admired in the museum’s garden.

The garden consists of five ecologically and historically themed sections:

1 - Tertiary reference garden containing trees and shrubs native to the lignite forests
2 - Moorland garden with plants typical of the cultural and historical moorland economy
3 - Pond featuring plants typical of the region’s aquatic flora
4 - Herbal plants native to local forests
5 - Cottage garden containing historical fruit, aromatic and ornamental plants

You can visit the garden for free during the museum’s opening hours.


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